Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shredding Records

Today I had a day off of work and was excited to go do one of my favorite past times: Genealogy.  It was the right day and the right hour for it.  The Cleveland County Genealogical Library is not open very often and for very long.  After waiting nearly all day, I arrived there to do research.  I greeted the same group of ladies that I frequently see.  They were deep in several boxes of records.  When I inquired about the task, I was told that they were shredding these records due to lack of space.  Now!  Wait a minute!  Records specific for Cleveland County and genealogical in nature?  Why would you do that I asked?  One lady simply stated they did not have the money to store them.  When I offered to store them instead of them being destroyed, I was told NO!  Then when I offered to pay the storage fee, again I was told NO!  The next offer was to find a research facility that would gladly take them.  Again, I was told NO!  I was told that the other places might just put them in their basement.  Why is shredding them a better option?  Then no one could ever see them!  The shredding solution to this problem is difficult for any genealogist that loves Oklahoma history to take.  I know the Family Research Center or the Oklahoma Historical Society would take them.

The final insult to me, a cemetery owner, was from this same lady.  She that stated that she thought EVERYONE should just be cremated.  She did not see the point in cemeteries.  Well I feel everyone should have the option to be buried or cremated as they wish so cemeteries are there for those that want to be buried and she need not visit them if she doesn't want to.