Friday, April 18, 2014

Columbarium is now available for niche purchase

Niche spaces in the new columbarium are available for purchase.  Sample doors have been ordered and I'm awaiting delivery.  Multiple colors are available for individuality.  I would like the doors to be as unique as the person in the niche.  Call for pricing info. 405-5359930.


My father and I built an outhouse for when I'm out mowing and have equipment spread all over the cemetery and need to use the bathroom.  It's not fancy but it will work.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I realize I am behind on my blogging so I have made several posts today.  Sorry for the delay.
A few weeks ago, I hired Jerry to do some grading for me to pull the dirt back up the the edge of the columbarium and to level the ruts that were created making the columbarium.  Before this I was going to take the drive up and around right against the columbarium but after many conversations with others, I was convinced to take it around the oak tree and sitting area only.  Jerry graded the dirt smoothing it out and seed was planted.  This area should look good by then end of Summer 2014.  Then Jerry graded the circle around the tree moving the gravel down to this area.  I will have more gravel brought in as soon as the money is available.

Invitation to speak

The land at the cemetery is a visual of the work I do at Knoles Cemetery but know that many hours are spent when not at the cemetery, doing research to find out more about the cemetery and the community.  I am currently working on a family book that contains photos of my family that lived in the Little River area.  I recently finished my first book using MyPublisher to make a book about the cemetery.  This book was donated to the Oklahoma History Center so that others looking for information on Knoles Cemetery would have somewhere to start with their research of these families buried here.  It was a slightly difficult program to use for this size of a project, and the book has flaws but not too bad for the size of the project.  I am sure for a much smaller project it would be nicer.  In donating this research and book, I have had extensive conversation with the people of the OHC.  This week I was invited to speak at an event that they will be hosting in August.  I am proud to have been invited to speak.  This will be the second time that I will do a public speech about my work and research at the cemetery.  I am happy to see all the interest in my work.

Knowledge continues to spread-Keep photos coming

In conversation with a person yesterday, a man told me that he did deliveries all around the Little Axe area for 16 years before he retired.  He was familiar with the cemetery from years ago and the neglect.  He has seen it many times since I started the restoration work.  He liked the feel of the "Military Cemetery".  I told him that I do have military buried there but that it is not strictly a military cemetery.  It is a community cemetery.  People of the community, military or not, are buried at Knoles.   When searching records one has to search both Knoles and Pleasant Ridge since the cemetery began as Pleasant Ridge.  It warms my heart to know that the work is appreciated and noticed.

Knowledge abounds

While standing in line at the pharmacy a lady and a man that were not together were chatting with me.  The subject of where they lived was mentioned to one another on how far they drive to Tinker Air Force Base.  In discussion they mentioned the restoration of Knoles Cemetery.  I told them that I owned it and I was the one doing the restoration.  What a small world.  The man standing there said that he knew a lot of people that were familiar with the cemetery and how much it had changed.  I was thanked for the good work.  It has been a lot of work and a lot of money but the rewards are rich.  To those that thank me.  You are welcome.  I thank you for admiring  the cemetery and appreciating my work.  Here's to many years of future beauty and usefulness.

Camera's saw you

Over the December Holiday on 12/20 and 12/21 my cameras caught activity at the cemetery late into the night.  There was no reason for the activity at that hour.  The person attempted to white out the camera at the east end by shinning a light into the camera which gave me 4 white pictures with a time date stamp.  The only thing is that they did not realize is that they were caught by the other cameras around the cemetery.  What mischief you are up to!  Surprise!  It did not work!  You were still caught!  Luck for you you did not do any damage and was just mischievous.


Over the Christmas Holiday some yahoo decided that the Arch at my cemetery was worth its weight in scrap metal.  I have them on camera trying to cut it with a torch and grinder.  Fortunately for them they did not do too much damage and decided to stop.  I do have them on camera and if they come back I will prosecute.  It is unbelieveable that someone would do such a thing!  I will only this once give you a pardon.  If you come back then it will be game on!  I have worked very hard to restore this cemetery and make it something that can be used and benefit the community and change an eye sore into something attractive.  Don't try to undo the good work.  Just FYI, the arch is over 14 ft 8 inches tall and dug very, very deep into the ground.  If that arch had come down it would have killed the person.  I took three trucks and 4 men to push it up into its place.  The thieves did not bring that much man power!  Also, everywhere I go people tell me they see the work being done, so people of the community are keeping their eye out and would not be happy with the thieves.  There would be more people angry than just me.  I will prosecute the next time....I promise!

Oklahoma History Center

For years I have been using the Oklahoma History Center for a source of my research.  This year my husband and I attended the "Honey Springs Battle Reenactment" and watched the battle.  It was a very fun day.  We had homemade pork rinds and kettle popcorn.  Yum!  There were vendors with antiques and antique reproductions.  The Oklahoma History Center had a tent set up with maps and books.  At their tent I was told that this fall there would be an event at the OHS that I might be interested in.  It made for a really fun day.  November 8-10, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Granite Doors ordered

I have ordered about 12-16 granite doors for the niches in various colors.  The colors are beautiful.  Samples of these granite doors are on display inside a niche at Knoles.  Soon the 11.5"x11.5" doors will be on display soon.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

84 Niches finished

Friday, 84 niches for crematory remains and a 170 foot wall was finished.  It is 6 foot tall just like I desired.  Mike Blocker and his crew did a bang up job!  It was just what I was looking for.  I hope those in the community that wish to choose cremation will choose to be at Knoles Cemetery in the new Columbarium.  Space is now for sale to generate revenue for future maintenance.  This columbarium is patterned after the Pere Le Chaise in France.  I hope those that choose Knoles will chose name plates for the columbarium to make it just a beautiful.  I am proud of this project.  Mike helped my pipe dream become reality.  I have to say it sure has peaked the interest of the community.  Lots of people have stopped by to see it.  My hope is that as many will decide to use it.  As these 84 are purchased more will be made as needed.  Eventually there will be another running the full length of the western side.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Decoration Day in 1900

The Norman Transcript in 1900 wrote about Decoration Day and the festivities.  The whole county met at the Cleveland County Courthouse and marched behind a band to the local cemetery and decorated all the graves then marched back for prayers and speeches around a monument that was erected for the occasion.  Then had a celebration.  Wow how times have changed!  People hardly decorate their own families graves now!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

"It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission" philosophy is not acceptable

I am searching for a way to use the existing footing and rebar that Randy Fowler poured.  He poured it too thin to put a prefab granite columbarium on.  For that it needs to be 12 inches thick and it is 4.  I have had difficulty finding anyone to finished what Randy started.  Most do not like to take over midstream on someone else's work.

The photos to the left are examples of what I paid for.  Photos at the bottom are what I ended up with after I fired Randy Fowler.  I paid Randy $8000 (half the money for the job) and then there would be an addition $8000 upon completion.  I have what looks like a sidewalk with rebar.  If I was to pour a side walk it might have cost me $1000 or $2000 at best by the most expensive person.  Building each niche is the hard part and requiring more labor intensive work.  The back support wall is also difficult due to it being a vertical concrete pour.  Pouring the footing and sticking in some rebar was a quick easy part of the job.  If I had paid for a sidewalk it would not have had rebar in it, so I don't even have a sidewalk. There is maybe $50 in rebar.  Adding this up, there should have been a lot of money coming back to me.  I asked him for receipts to decide on the cost.  I think most of the material he already had on hand for a prior job.  That is why he did not have receipts.  He had to grade it three times because he started and then did not get back to it for so long that it grew weeds to my hips.  This is his problem not mine.  I will not be charged for him having to grade it so many times due to his lack of planning and desire to finish a project that he was paid for.  I will probably have to pay someone to rip all of the concrete out and start over, adding that to the cost of what Randy owes me.

I paid for a 6 foot wall not the 5 foot that he brought forms for.
I paid for niches all 150 feet of the 6 foot=496, not the 88 he wanted to build.
I paid for them to be 2-4 inches apart not 12 inches apart that he wanted.
I told him it was a burial place for crematory remains not a bridge to drive over.  I was never going to drill into it or anything that it would need to be so thick.

I presented the job and its specifications and requirements.  He gave me the bid.  If one can't do the job, don't offer the bid and DON'T TAKE ONES MONEY!  If you do then be a man, honor your contract at all cost.  If you under bid it or overestimated yourself, return the money.  If you do not then you are not honorable!

I want what we contracted for and what I paid for and nothing less.  If one does not do this then it is BREACH OF CONTRACT!

I can estimate the square yards of concrete used and the current cost but he could not produce a receipt for that either.

He feels he earned all of his money.  He also said that he will charge me for the the other work he has done.  Well I have news.  First, I have it on camera everything he has done and every time he has come in and out of the cemetery.  The image is time stamped and dated.  Also, I have checks that he has cashed for all of the other jobs.  He is not unpaid.  There are emails and text messages discussing all transactions.

It seems we have come to an in-pass and will be going to court.  $8000 is a lot to loose.  This does not include his hot dogging around the cemetery in areas he should not have taken his bobcat.  He purposefully drove across graves/grass, making ruts as deep as my calf.  This he will have to pay for.  I have had estimates to repair this.  It totals a few thousand dollars.  The disrespect to the graves can not be estimated.  The cost of this dirt work will have to be added to the cost of what Randy owes me.  He dug a deep hole in his pocket by taking on a job he did not intend of finishing according to contract, doing destruction and not returning money.

I do not recommend him to anyone for any job large or small.  He is not dependable and is dishonest.  Anyone who has the philosophy of "It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission" so that they can do the job their way instead of the way they were hired to do is not worth hiring.  Meaning you will come to an agreement on the job, pay some money and then he will take it, not do what has been agreed on so your end product if you ever get there will not be what you asked for or paid for.

It will delay me achieving the columbarium.  I will achieve it.  You can be assured.  It may take some time.  I have to recoup my money, which will take an attorney, whom I have consulted, court dates, etc.   but I will get it built.

Don't hire RANDY FOWLER of Newalla, OK!

He even ran over grave markers.

Above is the usual path while doing the work.  When he got mad, he made all the other ruts.  He did this so that it would be more work for me knowing I don't own a dozer, and hard to mow because it will take time to fix it by hand and grass will grow increasing the difficulty for the mower to go over it.

 I was left to hand shovel all of the dirt to fill the ruts.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Columbarium on hold

I hired someone to build a columbarium.  We agreed on niches top to bottom of the 170 feet of wall.  It was to be 6 feet tall.  He took my money, poured the footing and then refused to do the rest the way I contracted with him so the columbarium is on hold until I work this out.  I want what I paid for and nothing less.  He refuses and has left a mess at the cemetery.  I promise to get this cleaned up and straightened out.  Please be patient.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Electricity and a well

Knoles Cemetery now has electricity to run the new well.  It took a little while but it is now in.  I have started to waster the grass.  It should look nice and green in no time instead of brown and sandy.  I figured it cost about the same to replace my mower every year.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

2:33 am prowler

A note to the 2:33 am prowler on 7/15.  It is a good thing that you did not do any damage to the cemetery since I have your face on camera.  (Smiles from me.)  I have several cameras around the cemetery that have day and night vision so you will be seen no matter what.

Well is drilled

The well at the cemetery is drilled and we are waiting on the pump and the electricity.  It will have an underground pump and pressure tank and will have a frost free faucet that will be locked.  I will use it to water plants and grass.  It should make it so that I can grow nice grass.  This rain has helped the grass to grow fairly well.  It has still delayed my concrete work.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Family Info

Thanks to all of you that are sending me genealogical information for those buried at Knoles.  It is great to see who they were, and where they came from.  I am researching the accomplishments of the deceased.  I am also researching the progression of the school and the town.

Photos and videos from past years

Recently photos and videos from past years are starting to slowly surface!  😄  Keep them coming!  At some point we will see just how much destruction Wilson has done!

Project Delayed Again

This weekend the ground was to be prepared for the wall footing.  It is raining again!  Mid July and we have rain!!!  Go figure!  I should have installed sod this year instead!  I also had scheduled last week for a well to be drilled but the driller did not show.  That will be rescheduled also.  These projects will eventually get done.   Have patients.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Remind me

Remind me at some point to write about removing the dead cedar from the cemetery after the May 31st storm.

Old Oak Tree

I am still trying to burn the old oak tree that we had to cut down.  The dirt on it is like concrete.  It just won't burn.

Where it was removed, I sapling is trying to grow.  I can't decide whether to keep it.

Today's events

Today started early due to the predicted temperature of 95degrees.  My to do list is always longer than I have hours to do them.  I spent most of my day placing wire loops for silk flower holders.  When flowers are placed in the ground and grass grows around them it is difficult to do trimming so I concreted wire loops to the stones.  I have done this once before but the material I used did not hold but a year.  I do not want to do this yearly.

Right at this moment the stones with wet mounts are laying down.  I will be back to set them right when it is dry so don't be alarmed.  You may see this one or two more times.

As I sat to rest in the shade at a newly placed bench,  I watched the butterflies dance over some yellow wild flowers.  I am glad that I did not cut them down.

I also planted wild flowers in a bed by the gate.  They haven't bloomed and look like like weeds but they will soon be beautiful.  They are perineal wildflowers native to this region.  Once established,  they should do well.

I sprayed a sticker patch. We will have to wait and see if it works.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Visiting my google site and blog

I see the number of visitors to my site but I would like to hear from you.  Email me and tell me why you visited my site/blog and what you were looking for.  I have been doing a lot of research and don't have it all uploaded or entered.  Also tell me if you have any info or input.


Numbering Lot and Plot

I have begun giving temporary numbers to the rows and graves.  They are temporary until I run a string grid.  It is difficult to decide in some areas if there is one or two spaces between a grave and such.  I have eyeballed it for now and given numbers.  If you come in the gate on the south side (which is the only direction you should enter the cemetery, NOT from Wilson's drive way) park on the gravel parking lot and go through the walk through gate.  Head up the hill to the NORTH EAST corner.  The row against his blacktopped drive is row A.  Heading down the hill goes down the alphabet, B,C,D etc.  Then the graves are numbered 1, 2, 3 etc starting at the North and going to the south.  I have not completed this yet and the numbers are temporary.  This fall when mowing is finished I will run a string grid and give permanent numbers painted on top of the blocks.  I will not paint on the real head stones.  For those numbers you will have to compare left and right of that stone.  At some point I will publish my notes from the last several years.  Not yet.  On the bottom, western end, I have moved some blocks to build the Columbarium Niche Wall.  I did not want them to be ran over with equipment.  These graves have been noted and measurements have been made so that the blocks can be put back so in that part of the cemetery you will find some blocks really close together right now and not in line as they should be.  Please pardon our mess while we do this work.  Be assured careful notes have been take to restore this area.

Map My Tracks

My daughter was training for the Memorial Marathon this year and came home enticing me to look at an app on her iphone.  She was using "Map My Tracks" to show where and how far she had run in training.  It was a neat app.  I was thinking that I should use it one day when I work at the cemetery.  I have used a pedometer before and found that 8-10 miles is an average on how far I walk when I am there working.  I seem to go around and around.  This app looks like the Dennis the Menace comic strip where Dennis is seen traveling here and there.  I have felt like Dennis often.  I just may use this and see what it looks like.  I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Reviewing Newspapers

On my down time when I am not at work or at the cemetery I read the old newspapers.  If you read these papers and find a death or burial for the Little River area that doesn't list a cemetery or lists Knoles Cemetery/Pleasant Ridge Cemetery please email it to me or email the date, volume and newspaper to me and I will look it up.  Thanks for your assistance.

Tornado hit my post office

Just thought I would mention that the May 20th tornado hit my post office here in Moore.  Never fear, I have forwarded my mail.  You can still mail items to PO Box 6207 Moore, Oklahoma 73153 and I will eventually get it.  If you need to get something to me just call me at 405-535-9930 and I will work it out.

Lena and her sisters

A special thanks to Ms. Brooks for the photos that she sent to me of Lena and her sisters.  It is a great set of photos.  She also sent me a few letters written by Mrs. Dickinson while she lived in the area.  She will be sending me photos of the cemetery that she has in her possession.  I am anxious to see them.

If anyone has photos of family that lived in this area or of the area, I would loved to see them.  Email them to me or make a copy and mail them.  If this is not an option, let me know and I have a portable scanner that I can bring to you.  I am interested in ANY photos you may have.

Happy 4th of July

     Mowing is complete for the 4th of July holiday.  I regret to say that the projects I had hoped to have completed by now aren't.  I have a columbarium planned but the rain put a stop to it this spring and the tornado that hit Little Axe and Pecan Valley put a stop to it in May.  June was spent doing clean up in Moore, where a tornado hit on 21 May 2013.  With the last storm that hit 31 May, a tree was knocked down.  As my husband and I were pulling out the downed tree, we found 18 inches under the tree, a foot stone.  This foot stone was engraved A C.  It was the foot stone of Armitia Crouch.  It was about 12 feet from where her head stone was.  It was tossed into a hole off to the side.  I had been told that there was a stone engraved AC but I had not found it until now.  A week later, I was moving some dirt to put between the sod that was put down.  About 18 inches I found a piece of a school desk and a foot stone that had J V K engraved on it.  It was the foot stone for Jennie Vietta Knoles.  It had been buried in a hole about 6 feet from the tombstone of Jennie.   The Knoles family had never seen it.  It had been missing many years.  Last fall I found the foot stone of George Pittman broken in two and buried about 12 inches below the ground.  It seems that the Wilson's would bury stones that they did not want to mow around.  If they were a field stone marking the grave they were tossed off the side and not buried.  If it was a real tombstone, the stone was buried.  This follows the many stories that I have been told by various different people.  There are still many missing.  I hope to find them and return them to where they belong.

Luther Flint and Mary A. "Nellie" Flint had tombstones that were documented but the location of these stones are unknown at this time.  Some stones were smashed into small bits.  These small pieces have been found but are small like gravel.  Some of these stones were documented years before.

The tree that was removed earlier this year is at the bottom of the hill.  It has been burned several times but is one tough tree.  There is still a large portion of the trunk left, with a large pile of dirt.  When this trunk is burned, the dirt will be spread out.

Stakes are out to prepare for the drive that will loop through the cemetery.  It has been started heading up the hill.  It will loop around and then come back down heading back to the gate.

Wire loops are being affixed to the tombstones so that flowers can be placed at each stone.  This will make it easier to weed eat.  My wish is that each stone always have flowers.

The columbarium will be a wall that starts at the top of the cemetery and runs west to the property line.  This wall will be 6 feet high and have niches that can be purchased to place loved ones crematory remains.  I am hoping that this columbarium can be completed soon.  This will improve the view, obscuring the junk seen on Wilson's property.

Now if you haven't seen me at the cemetery as much and it isn't as tidy it is because I have been having some chest pain and had to have a heart cath.  Never fear, I am fine.  I just need a little time to recover.  I can't lift for a few days.  As soon as I can lift you can bet I will be right back there working.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Parking lot came in handy

During the May 19 tornado the roads were barricaded at Harrah Newalla Road and Franklin.  People used the Knoles Cemetery parking lot to park their vehicles until they could walk in.  I was glad I was able to get it out in in time for it to serve the community.

Donation Box

A donation box is going to be mounted on the fence for donations for cemetery upkeep since the cemetery doesn't generate revenue.  Any donations big or small are appreciated.  The box is on camera so if your thieving you will be caught and prosecuted.  I haven't mounted it yet as of 7-2-13.  I will do this soon.

Memorial Day Weekend

I want to apologize ahead of time if the cemetery is not up to part by decoration day.  I had several projects that were to be completed by now but weather has hindered them.  First it was lots of rain then a tornado in the Kittle Axe, Pink and Newalla area that started on the west side of Thunderbird and carried over into Carney, tracking across Shawnee and Tecumseh.  Then the next day, the largest on record came trough my town of Moore, making it impossible for me to get out to Knoles Cemetery.  I am making a trip out today to check on things.  This has been my first available moment to do so.  My plan is to come out tomorrow for mowing and clean up.  Thank you for your patience.

Monday, May 13, 2013


A 160 foot long and 6 foot tall columbarium is being built to house crematory remains.  I will start selling these as soon as the wall is complete.  It is being patterned after Pere-Lachaise.  I will download a photo as soon as possible.


The Crusher Run is down in the parking lot and two of many loads are in the cemetery to make the road.  We are waiting on weather to permit. 


I just want to thank everyone for all the compliments that are paid.  I enjoy the visitors stopping by to take a peek at all the hard work that is being done.  There are visitors daily.  The camera's pick up visitors when I am not there.

Know the work will continue.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Crusher Run

Randy put in a larger parking lot for me.  It should hold about 20 cars parking north to south.  It is covered with the best crusher run he has ever seen.  It starts at the west property line and runs east along the southern boundary along Franklin Road.  With the white gravel, it looks sharp against the black wrought iron fence Donnie put in.  The beautiful arch tops it off.  Next will be a road that loops in and comes back out.  $3,000.

Weed Eating

A special thanks to Tina Belvin and Marcus for weed eating when I had a long stretch of work days and had spent my days off for several weeks setting fence, not having a chance to get to trimming.  I got the rest mowed and there is a little trimming left but it was great to have help.  The help was unexpected and very much appreciated!  The grass grew quickly with all of the rain we have been getting.  It helps the new sod to get established.  Thanks so much Tina and Marcus.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I am having difficulty uploading photos but I will come back to them.  There are two gates.  One is drive through that will be locked unless there is a funeral or another need.  The other is a walk through gate that will always be unlocked.

Now there is a gate

The gate is on and some gravel is down for the parking lot.  The walk through gate will always be unlocked.  I will lock the drive through gate unless there is a funeral or some other need.  The gate just finished the look.  It is amazing!!!!  I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of it. It far exceeds my expectations!  I am truly blessed.
Thanks again Donnie and Dalton!  

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Knoles has an arch and southern fence

A special thanks to Donnie and Dalton for their hard work making a dream of mine a reality.  I asked for an arch and got exactly what I dreamed of.  The first photo is the arch before it was raised.  The second is Donnie and Dalton under the raised arch.  The last is the fence that now lines the southern part of the cemetery.  There are more

projects yet to come.  I can not wait to see them all completed.  It will be exciting.  I am not sure I will ever be finished.

Make a trip by the cemetery and see if you like it.  Soon there will be gates on the arch.  It will remain locked but the walk through gate will always be unlocked for all to visit.  The court awarded me permission to move some graves to a safer location and fix an erosion problem.  George Frazey's tombstone was take to be repaired.  It was barely legible due to the cedar tree that rubbed on it for many years.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alls Babies

AC.  One of the Knoles family members once told me that there was a small tombstone that said AC.  I immediately thought of Alexander Clarence Alls but his tombstone was in California and his death there is documented.  I had thought it was like one of my family members Larry Windle, who buried his first wife and remarried.  His second wife chose a new location when it was time to bury Larry.  He has two tombstones.  One at Sunnylane in Del City, which he is not under and one in Oklahoma City near Wiley Post Airport off of 50th and Meridian.  I wondered, could this be the case with Alexander Alls.  Then I found a small sand stone, shaped in the form of a heart.  It had a number 1 on it.  This was where I was told the AC tombstone was.  What could this mean?  I have discovered through reading the newspaper archives that Alexander Alls lost two babies.  One would have been with his wife Lizzie Garrett (Martha Elizabeth Garrett), whom he married in about 1892.  Lizzie died on 4 April 1898, shortly after her son Orville was born (Feb 1898), leaving Alexander with a two year old and a new born.   Alexander Alls was widowed on the 1900 Census.  Alexander Alls did not marry Mary Catherine "Katey" Wilson/Pittman/ Moody when he had a baby named Clifford with her.  This child would have been conceived around January of 1899 and was born 26 Sep 1899.  Katie then married and gave her son the Moody name.  This son writes about it in his biography.  Late 1900 the newspaper mentions Mrs. Alls making a canvassing trip  but did not list her first name.  The second baby, I am not sure who the mother was, due to the child nor the mother not appearing on the 13 June 1900 census and this child died about October of 1901. So it was probably conceived shortly after the census.  Could this be another baby born out of wedlock?  Did Alex marry again and loose her also?  No marriage record for this wife mentioned in the paper has been found.  Was it a child of Maggie Ailene Moody?  Alex and Maggie did not marry until 3 Nov 1901, after the death of this baby.  It seems odd he would marry so soon after the loss of a child.   This is another one of the many questions to ponder.  In the top photo is a poor image taken from the newspaper, The Peoples Voice Norman, Okla. Vo. 3 No 49 Ed. 1 Saturday, July 6 1895 page 8  talks about little Clarence Alls:

Linden, Okla.  Clarence Alls, only son of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Alls fell asleep June 20, 1895, aged two years and some months.  Little Clarence was an unusually bright child:  and was loved by all who knew him.  The parents have the sympathy
of all in their sad bareavement.
"While yet love unspoken lay on his lips like dew,
The snowy bud was broken, in life's sweet spring time new.
No frost of slighted duty, no blight of sin and care.
Had marred this bud of beauty: death plucked it pure and fair."
"Grief fill the hours with weeping:
    trust kneels in silent prayer."
Faith whispers"only sleeping" hope bid us "meet him there."
 Mrs. M.E. Riley (nee Martha Knoles)

The other son:  The Peoples Voice (Norman, Okla.) Vo. 10,
No. 14, Ed. 1 Friday, October 25, 1901
Alex Alls little son is lying at the point of death. All hopes of recovery are given up.

Just a side note.  James Ayers Moody and Epenonadus Elvira Pamila "Pam" Moody were brothers.  Pam had a daughter Maggie Ailene, whom Alex married but before that, Alex had a child with Mary Catherine "Katey" Wilson/Pittman/Moody that married James Ayers Moody.  So Katey and Maggie were Aunt and Niece by marriage.  Katey had been married first to Walter E. Pittman, the brother of George W. Pittman.  (Who is buried in Knoles Cemetery).

The other items of note in the photo will be addressed later.


After hiring an attorney, going to court and filing lots of papers, hiring a guy to help me move dirt and a forensics guy, I moved some graves to keep them from washing away with the next rain.  This cost me BIG $$$.  All the graves that were detectable that were on the erosion area were moved safer inside the cemetery.  It was a long process that I have been working on for months.  I have not blogged about it because I did not want any yahoo to see the work and think that if a grave was easily accessible they could mess with it.  The work is finished and a dozer came and smoothed the bank.  (Thanks Randy)  It will now need sod and will be more manageable.  I will be able to mow it and it won't be so dangerous, not to mention the most important thing.  The graves are safe!.  So if you are looking around and think graves are missing. They aren't.  They are just up closer to the others.  All of the veteran graves are closer together.  Look for the flag poles.  All veterans have flag poles that fly a U.S. Flag and the flag of the state they served under.  I need to order new ones but I have not done that yet until I trim the tree so the flag doesn't get torn by the limbs.

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Day didn't go as planned

I had planned to go out to the cemetery to mow but,  I made a hospital trip myself.  I will be out soon to mow.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Local cemeteries of Cleveland County

In the July issue of The Norman Transcript, then just a fledgling newspaper, it was written that "Early burial plots in the territory were school sections, but Normanites in June, 1890 began making plans for a cemetery, (now called Norman I.O.O.F), fearing that the use of school land would not be permitted much longer."

What happened to these graves?  Only a few from Berry and Main Street were moved.  The rest at this cemetery were covered over by a parking lot where a "Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler" now sits. At 1230 W. Main.

School sections were 3, 16 and 36.

American Sign and Logo

Thanks to all of the employees for their hard work making my signs at American Logo and Sign.  You did a great job!

Shredding Records

Today I had a day off of work and was excited to go do one of my favorite past times: Genealogy.  It was the right day and the right hour for it.  The Cleveland County Genealogical Library is not open very often and for very long.  After waiting nearly all day, I arrived there to do research.  I greeted the same group of ladies that I frequently see.  They were deep in several boxes of records.  When I inquired about the task, I was told that they were shredding these records due to lack of space.  Now!  Wait a minute!  Records specific for Cleveland County and genealogical in nature?  Why would you do that I asked?  One lady simply stated they did not have the money to store them.  When I offered to store them instead of them being destroyed, I was told NO!  Then when I offered to pay the storage fee, again I was told NO!  The next offer was to find a research facility that would gladly take them.  Again, I was told NO!  I was told that the other places might just put them in their basement.  Why is shredding them a better option?  Then no one could ever see them!  The shredding solution to this problem is difficult for any genealogist that loves Oklahoma history to take.  I know the Family Research Center or the Oklahoma Historical Society would take them.

The final insult to me, a cemetery owner, was from this same lady.  She that stated that she thought EVERYONE should just be cremated.  She did not see the point in cemeteries.  Well I feel everyone should have the option to be buried or cremated as they wish so cemeteries are there for those that want to be buried and she need not visit them if she doesn't want to.

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Summer Youth Conference helps with Restoration Project

    Last spring I was contacted by a lady by email that asked if her youth group could help this summer at the cemetery.  I am always in need of help so I agreed.  I was in nursing school so only brief thought was put into the email.  I sent her a list of my ongoing projects and told her that anything on the list or anything that comes to mind are fair game.  The date requested was July 21, 2012.  I was apprehensive of the date due to the intense heat of last summer, but I badly needed help after two years of nursing school and not much time to dedicate to the cemetery.
     Spring fell into summer and graduation from nursing school came and went.  As I began to work on the cemetery for the summer months, I emailed Simone again.  Thinking that she might have changed her mind, I braced for rejection.  I have been prepared to go it alone since many times I have heard promises of help and yet the help did not materialize.  Simone told me that the plans were still on and there would be 100 youth coming!  100?!  Really?!  Well, I did not have a children in a youth group so I could only picture tiny little boys running around.  Then she told me that the ages are 14-18 years old.  Well......I thought, if this materializes, it will be amazing, but my hopes were still not too high at this point.
    The morning of July 21st came and I prepared for the days work.  I prayed for cool weather for our morning.  The day before was 109 degrees.  My husband I drove out to the cemetery not knowing what to expect.  As we arrived, a few cars were arriving also.  Several teens bailed out the vehicles.  Not knowing they had pulled up to the Wilson's circle drive.  Mr. Wilson was on his porch.  He was standing there with hands on his hips just fuming.  I informed the drivers that the drive was Wilson's private property and to relocate the vehicles to a different location.  An attempt was made to apologize to Wilson but he just screamed at me to get off.
    After relocating vehicles we started to gather at the edge of the cemetery.  Standing amongst the infant graves was a small group of teens and a few adults.  I was pleased to have the 10 or so youth that had arrived.  As I was talking to them, more and more cars showed up with more and more teens coming out of them.  I could do nothing but stand in amazement with tears and smiles.  About 100 people did arrive.  These youth were from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The group that came to the cemetery were the young men and young women, ages 14-18, from the following congregations of the Oklahoma City South Stake: Mustang 1st and 2nd wards, Moore 1st and 2nd wards, Choctaw ward, Midwest City ward, Oklahoma City 2nd ward, and the Oklahoma City 6th branch (Spanish speaking).
    When the group was gathered, I was asked to tell a brief story of the cemetery.  A few questions were answered, teens were divided into groups by projects with one adult assigned per group. The list of "to do's" was handed out and the work began.  It was like an army was set to task.  The cemetery has probably never seen so many on it since the last burial in the 60's.
    A dozen 5 gallon orange buckets were handed out and the work began. One group aligned the 239 40 lb. blocks that George and I had set out last summer, then leveled them.  Another group numbered them, another affixed wire loops for flower holders.  Other groups removed saplings and tree roots, trimmed grass, cleaned up branches and debris and several other projects.  Discussion amongst the group took place regarding future projects.  Several hours of labor was completed and the group gathered again.  The group sang a beautiful song to me and we had prayer.  The youth all said good by and I could not thank them enough.  Tears again streamed down my dirty, sweaty face as I thought of the kind thing that they had just done for me.  God had blessed us with 80-94 degrees for the morning.  It seemed as they left the heat came on, and we saw temperatures of 105.
    I want to say THANK YOU again to each and every one of you from the church group that came out and blessed me with your hard work.  My ancestors would be proud of them, so am I.  If I could thank each and every one of them by name I would.
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My sincerest thanks,


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