Tuesday, March 19, 2013


After hiring an attorney, going to court and filing lots of papers, hiring a guy to help me move dirt and a forensics guy, I moved some graves to keep them from washing away with the next rain.  This cost me BIG $$$.  All the graves that were detectable that were on the erosion area were moved safer inside the cemetery.  It was a long process that I have been working on for months.  I have not blogged about it because I did not want any yahoo to see the work and think that if a grave was easily accessible they could mess with it.  The work is finished and a dozer came and smoothed the bank.  (Thanks Randy)  It will now need sod and will be more manageable.  I will be able to mow it and it won't be so dangerous, not to mention the most important thing.  The graves are safe!.  So if you are looking around and think graves are missing. They aren't.  They are just up closer to the others.  All of the veteran graves are closer together.  Look for the flag poles.  All veterans have flag poles that fly a U.S. Flag and the flag of the state they served under.  I need to order new ones but I have not done that yet until I trim the tree so the flag doesn't get torn by the limbs.