Thursday, May 2, 2013

Knoles has an arch and southern fence

A special thanks to Donnie and Dalton for their hard work making a dream of mine a reality.  I asked for an arch and got exactly what I dreamed of.  The first photo is the arch before it was raised.  The second is Donnie and Dalton under the raised arch.  The last is the fence that now lines the southern part of the cemetery.  There are more

projects yet to come.  I can not wait to see them all completed.  It will be exciting.  I am not sure I will ever be finished.

Make a trip by the cemetery and see if you like it.  Soon there will be gates on the arch.  It will remain locked but the walk through gate will always be unlocked for all to visit.  The court awarded me permission to move some graves to a safer location and fix an erosion problem.  George Frazey's tombstone was take to be repaired.  It was barely legible due to the cedar tree that rubbed on it for many years.