Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy 4th of July

     Mowing is complete for the 4th of July holiday.  I regret to say that the projects I had hoped to have completed by now aren't.  I have a columbarium planned but the rain put a stop to it this spring and the tornado that hit Little Axe and Pecan Valley put a stop to it in May.  June was spent doing clean up in Moore, where a tornado hit on 21 May 2013.  With the last storm that hit 31 May, a tree was knocked down.  As my husband and I were pulling out the downed tree, we found 18 inches under the tree, a foot stone.  This foot stone was engraved A C.  It was the foot stone of Armitia Crouch.  It was about 12 feet from where her head stone was.  It was tossed into a hole off to the side.  I had been told that there was a stone engraved AC but I had not found it until now.  A week later, I was moving some dirt to put between the sod that was put down.  About 18 inches I found a piece of a school desk and a foot stone that had J V K engraved on it.  It was the foot stone for Jennie Vietta Knoles.  It had been buried in a hole about 6 feet from the tombstone of Jennie.   The Knoles family had never seen it.  It had been missing many years.  Last fall I found the foot stone of George Pittman broken in two and buried about 12 inches below the ground.  It seems that the Wilson's would bury stones that they did not want to mow around.  If they were a field stone marking the grave they were tossed off the side and not buried.  If it was a real tombstone, the stone was buried.  This follows the many stories that I have been told by various different people.  There are still many missing.  I hope to find them and return them to where they belong.

Luther Flint and Mary A. "Nellie" Flint had tombstones that were documented but the location of these stones are unknown at this time.  Some stones were smashed into small bits.  These small pieces have been found but are small like gravel.  Some of these stones were documented years before.

The tree that was removed earlier this year is at the bottom of the hill.  It has been burned several times but is one tough tree.  There is still a large portion of the trunk left, with a large pile of dirt.  When this trunk is burned, the dirt will be spread out.

Stakes are out to prepare for the drive that will loop through the cemetery.  It has been started heading up the hill.  It will loop around and then come back down heading back to the gate.

Wire loops are being affixed to the tombstones so that flowers can be placed at each stone.  This will make it easier to weed eat.  My wish is that each stone always have flowers.

The columbarium will be a wall that starts at the top of the cemetery and runs west to the property line.  This wall will be 6 feet high and have niches that can be purchased to place loved ones crematory remains.  I am hoping that this columbarium can be completed soon.  This will improve the view, obscuring the junk seen on Wilson's property.

Now if you haven't seen me at the cemetery as much and it isn't as tidy it is because I have been having some chest pain and had to have a heart cath.  Never fear, I am fine.  I just need a little time to recover.  I can't lift for a few days.  As soon as I can lift you can bet I will be right back there working.