Friday, July 5, 2013

Numbering Lot and Plot

I have begun giving temporary numbers to the rows and graves.  They are temporary until I run a string grid.  It is difficult to decide in some areas if there is one or two spaces between a grave and such.  I have eyeballed it for now and given numbers.  If you come in the gate on the south side (which is the only direction you should enter the cemetery, NOT from Wilson's drive way) park on the gravel parking lot and go through the walk through gate.  Head up the hill to the NORTH EAST corner.  The row against his blacktopped drive is row A.  Heading down the hill goes down the alphabet, B,C,D etc.  Then the graves are numbered 1, 2, 3 etc starting at the North and going to the south.  I have not completed this yet and the numbers are temporary.  This fall when mowing is finished I will run a string grid and give permanent numbers painted on top of the blocks.  I will not paint on the real head stones.  For those numbers you will have to compare left and right of that stone.  At some point I will publish my notes from the last several years.  Not yet.  On the bottom, western end, I have moved some blocks to build the Columbarium Niche Wall.  I did not want them to be ran over with equipment.  These graves have been noted and measurements have been made so that the blocks can be put back so in that part of the cemetery you will find some blocks really close together right now and not in line as they should be.  Please pardon our mess while we do this work.  Be assured careful notes have been take to restore this area.