Sunday, July 7, 2013

Today's events

Today started early due to the predicted temperature of 95degrees.  My to do list is always longer than I have hours to do them.  I spent most of my day placing wire loops for silk flower holders.  When flowers are placed in the ground and grass grows around them it is difficult to do trimming so I concreted wire loops to the stones.  I have done this once before but the material I used did not hold but a year.  I do not want to do this yearly.

Right at this moment the stones with wet mounts are laying down.  I will be back to set them right when it is dry so don't be alarmed.  You may see this one or two more times.

As I sat to rest in the shade at a newly placed bench,  I watched the butterflies dance over some yellow wild flowers.  I am glad that I did not cut them down.

I also planted wild flowers in a bed by the gate.  They haven't bloomed and look like like weeds but they will soon be beautiful.  They are perineal wildflowers native to this region.  Once established,  they should do well.

I sprayed a sticker patch. We will have to wait and see if it works.