Sunday, September 29, 2013

84 Niches finished

Friday, 84 niches for crematory remains and a 170 foot wall was finished.  It is 6 foot tall just like I desired.  Mike Blocker and his crew did a bang up job!  It was just what I was looking for.  I hope those in the community that wish to choose cremation will choose to be at Knoles Cemetery in the new Columbarium.  Space is now for sale to generate revenue for future maintenance.  This columbarium is patterned after the Pere Le Chaise in France.  I hope those that choose Knoles will chose name plates for the columbarium to make it just a beautiful.  I am proud of this project.  Mike helped my pipe dream become reality.  I have to say it sure has peaked the interest of the community.  Lots of people have stopped by to see it.  My hope is that as many will decide to use it.  As these 84 are purchased more will be made as needed.  Eventually there will be another running the full length of the western side.