Saturday, February 15, 2014


Over the Christmas Holiday some yahoo decided that the Arch at my cemetery was worth its weight in scrap metal.  I have them on camera trying to cut it with a torch and grinder.  Fortunately for them they did not do too much damage and decided to stop.  I do have them on camera and if they come back I will prosecute.  It is unbelieveable that someone would do such a thing!  I will only this once give you a pardon.  If you come back then it will be game on!  I have worked very hard to restore this cemetery and make it something that can be used and benefit the community and change an eye sore into something attractive.  Don't try to undo the good work.  Just FYI, the arch is over 14 ft 8 inches tall and dug very, very deep into the ground.  If that arch had come down it would have killed the person.  I took three trucks and 4 men to push it up into its place.  The thieves did not bring that much man power!  Also, everywhere I go people tell me they see the work being done, so people of the community are keeping their eye out and would not be happy with the thieves.  There would be more people angry than just me.  I will prosecute the next time....I promise!