Saturday, February 15, 2014

Invitation to speak

The land at the cemetery is a visual of the work I do at Knoles Cemetery but know that many hours are spent when not at the cemetery, doing research to find out more about the cemetery and the community.  I am currently working on a family book that contains photos of my family that lived in the Little River area.  I recently finished my first book using MyPublisher to make a book about the cemetery.  This book was donated to the Oklahoma History Center so that others looking for information on Knoles Cemetery would have somewhere to start with their research of these families buried here.  It was a slightly difficult program to use for this size of a project, and the book has flaws but not too bad for the size of the project.  I am sure for a much smaller project it would be nicer.  In donating this research and book, I have had extensive conversation with the people of the OHC.  This week I was invited to speak at an event that they will be hosting in August.  I am proud to have been invited to speak.  This will be the second time that I will do a public speech about my work and research at the cemetery.  I am happy to see all the interest in my work.